Our goal is to make a balanced Cabernet Sauvignon. Full of flavor, but balanced. In Paso Robles you have to be careful: this region has the wildest day-night temperature swing of any California appellation, which can mean rapid changes in the grapes right at harvest time. The switch from under-ripe to over-ripe is rapid here.

A few sommeliers have called White Hart “a mini-Napa Cab” because of the wine’s balance, richness, and finish. To make a Cabernet Sauvignon like this from Paso Robles, we went to a favorite little spot, certified sustainably farmed, between two rivers – which keeps the vineyard much cooler than its neighbors. This makes for a smoother, mid-alcohol Cabernet, more Napa-Sonoma in texture, albeit more Paso Robles in dark cherry flavors.

VINEYARDS: Paso Robles – Sustainably Grown

BLEND: 99% Cabernet Sauvignon, 1% Tannat

AROMAS: Black cherries, red cherries, blackberries, autumnal spices

FLAVORS: Dried black cherries, blackberries, licorice, gentle toasted oak, with soft tannins

 TECHNICAL: Alcohol 14.5%; pH 3.76; Titratable Acids 6.1 g/L; Residual Sugar .35 g/L

SERVE WITH: Rich Stews, roasted meats, main dishes with rich cheese sauces